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Regular Service Fee  $75.00 - 1st Attempt within 2-3 days from receipt.                               

Rush  Service Fee $ 95.00 - 1st Attempt within 8 hours from receipt  Harris County,

Rule 106 Service Fee  $ 35.00 - Posting/Sub-Serve, Court Order Approved Only.  

SUBPOENA SERVICE FEES:  ($10) Witness Fee ($11) Duces Tecum Attachment, if applicable.

Regular Service Fee  $ 75.00+ - 1st Attempt within 2-3 days from receipt.                                 

Rush  Service Fee $ 95.00+ - 1st Attempt within 8 hours from receipt Harris or Fort Bend.


Pick up, deliveries, filing - Courthouse, Harris or Fort Bend County  * $ 25.00 EACH TRIP  -  Must allow 2-3 days for pick up.


Regular Service Fee  $ 100.00

Rush Service Fee  $1 25.00

* Mileage Fees Round Trip, if applicable: $ .50 per mile/Per Attempt     


Monday-Friday:  4:30 pm to 7:00 pm

Saturday:  9:00 am to 3:00 pm

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Ojay Grace - Grace Law Firm, P.C. said:  Wow! You are truly ASAP. You are so ASAP that I saw the return of service and the affidavit in my office before 8:00 AM. I will surely pass the word around that a 21st century process service has arrived in Texas. We all need to buy shares now before it becomes unaffordable. LOL

Lauralee A. Veitch said: Great Communication and fast service!! Highly recommended!!! Document delivered to them at 11 am and served before 5pm the same day!!

Law Offices of R. Bruce Tharpe, P.C. said:  I am so glad we found ASAP Civil Process Service. Thank you and keep up the good work!

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ALL SERVICE FEES ABOVE cover up to six attempts at one address for all Harris County cases.  Extra charges apply for second address or each added attempt.

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NO REFUNDS after any attempts have been made. Payment information entered on website or provided to ASAP Civil Process Service for payment of work performed is not retained nor shared with anyone.  We appreciate payment for all services in advance, unless other arrangements have been made in writing.